What are cookies?

Cookies, otherwise known as HTTP cookies, web cookies, or browser cookies, are bits of data stored by a website onto your computer by your browser, and then subsequently sent back to that same website by your browser.

Why are they used?

Cookies are used for different purposes. Some are required for site functionality, while others allow us to view how the site is used and then others are used by third parties (i.e. Facebook).

Cookies allow for more efficient web browsing, giving you advanced functionality and also allowing our team to see how the site is used (using Google Analytics for example).

A good example of the use of cookies working is if you’ve ever visited an eCommerce site and put a product into your basket without completing your purchase. You could return a few days later and see the same item in your basket; this would be the cookie stored on your computer that informs the website of your return and re-populates your basket with your previously stored items.

Cookies we use

Owner/Domain Cookie Name Expires More Details
westbrooklaneprimaryschool.co.uk CMSSESSID On site exit This is a functionally required cookie that sets unique ID for your visit and expires when you leave the site
Google Analytics __utma 730 days This cookie is used by Google Analytics to recognise a unique user
Google Analytics __utmb/__utmc Date not set This is a session cookie set by Google Analytics and helps us understand return/repeat visits
Google Analytics __utmz 6 months This cookie is set by Google Analytics and helps us to track visiting traffic sources i.e. whether a given user came in from a search engine or directly

By continuing to use this site, you agree to the use of cookies. To find out more about cookies and how to change your settings follow this link.