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Year 5


Teacher: Miss Hall

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Year 5

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In our second experiment, we were investigating the effect of air resistance. In groups, we were challenged with making 3 identical parachutes, changing only one variable. Some of the possible variables included the material of the parachutes, the mass of the object attached to the parachute, the type of string or the size of the parachute. We tested our parachutes by dropping them from the same height and timing how long they took to fall to the group. We did this both inside and outside.

We have been learning about forces in science. 

In this experiment, we were aiming to find out if there is a link between the mass (kg) of an object and the weight (amount of gravity – measured in Newtons).

First, we measured a range of objects using weighing scales. We then hooked each object onto a Newton Metre to measure the force of gravity. We found out that for every 100g there is a force of approximately 1 Newton. So an object weighing 700g, would have a force of gravity of approximately 7N.

We visited Lister Hill Baptist Church to learn more about the Easter story.

 To support our geography and DT learning, we designed and made our own model rivers. We had to include all the features of a river from source to mouth. We were very pleased with the results!