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Westbrook Lane Primary School

School Arrangements Regarding Covid-19

Please see the following video and documents for information regarding our school arrangements in light of the ongoing situation related to Covid-19.

You can see a Covid-19 related absence guide for parents below.

Updates and Risk Assessments

 V6.01 - Covid 19 RA.pdfDownload
 v6 00 - Covid 19 RA for September 2021.pdfDownload
 V5.09 - Covid 19 RA.pdfDownload
 V5.08 - Covid 19 RA.pdfDownload
 V5.07 - Covid 19 RA.pdfDownload
 V5 05 - Covid 19 RA (1).pdfDownload
 V5 06 Covid 19 RA.pdfDownload
 V5 04 - Covid 19 RA for March 2021 UPDATES 010421.pdfDownload
 V5.02 - Covid 19 RA.pdfDownload
 V5.01 - Covid 19 RA March 2021.pdfDownload
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Protocols and Remote education provision

 Remote Education Policy WBL.pdfDownload
 Remote education provision - information for parents.pdfDownload
 Protocols from September for parents and pupils.pdfDownload
 End of year letter and September arrangements.pdfDownload
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