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Westbrook Lane Primary School

Arrangements for September 2020

Please see the following video and documents for information regarding our school arrangements for September 2020.

You can see a Covid-19 related absence guide for parents below.

September and October 2020 Updates

 V3.6 - Covid 19 RA FINAL.pdfDownload
 V3.5 - Covid 19 RA FINAL.pdfDownload
 V3.4 - Covid 19 RA FINAL.pdfDownload
 Leeds Letters to Parents 16 Sept.pdfDownload
 NHS letter to parents when to get a test.pdfDownload
 Covid absence guide for parents.pdfDownload
 Welcome back letter 18 09 2020.pdfDownload
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School Entry Procedure September 2020

Risk Assessment and Protocols

 End of year letter and September arrangements.pdfDownload
 Protocols from September for parents and pupils.pdfDownload
 Risk assessment V3 1 - Covid 19 RA for Sept 2020.pdfDownload
 Risk assessment V3.4.pdfDownload
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4th September 2020 Updates

 Welcome back letter for children September.pdfDownload
 Welcome back letter for parents September.pdfDownload
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