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School Lunch Menu


Our school lunch menu is based on a three week rotation and can be found below.

Please note that some items on the menu can be subject to change due to availability.  Occasionally, the kitchen is able to offer a themed menu and details of these will be on the website and in school.

A copy of the current menu for each week is available in the classroom or from the school office.


Try our school dinners!

We are having a summer bbq theme menu on Wednesday 26th June and it will be open to the whole school. 

If your child has a school meal on Wednesdays, this is the choice for menu w/c 24th June and there is no additional cost. The lunch will also be available to children who usually have a packed lunch - email to follow.

Rec-Y2 the lunch is free due to FSM

Y3-Y6 the lunch is £2.40

School Lunch Menu February to July 2019

New Look Menu for September 2019