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Westbrook Lane Primary School

Westbrook Lane Governing Body 2018/19

Our chair of governors is Martin Hughes who can be contacted via the school office.

Sub-committees have been set up to cover various areas of responsibility, i.e. (i) Resources (ii) Teaching, Learning and Pupil Support,

The full governing body has four meetings each year. In addition to these there are two sub committees which meet once a term; the Resources sub committee which is responsible for staffing, finance and buildings, and the Teaching, Learning and Pupil Support sub committee which is responsible for the curriculum, standards and achievement. All the governors sit on one or both of the sub committees and the minutes of these meetings are fed back to the full governors meetings. Minutes of all the governors meetings are available for parents to see upon request once they have been ratified.

Governors attend regular training courses during their term of office to ensure that they have the necessary skills to assist and monitor the running of the school by the headteacher and the senior management team. A record of training completed is held in the school office. Some governors are linked to a particular year group and have regular contact with their class, helping on trips and with activities.

At the beginning of each academic year, governors have to declare any relevant business and pecuniary interests. For this academic year, the following interests were recorded:

Martin Hughes director of Catrake Ltd

The dates of the full governor meetings for this academic year are:

Tuesday 9th October 2018

Tuesday 5th February 2019

Tuesday 21st May 2019

Please see below for school governors and their specific areas of responsibility.

Name Role Area of Responsibility Attendance 17/18


Mrs A Turner


Headteacher, Governor Headteacher 6 out of 6


Mr Martin Hughes



(until June 2019)

Chair of Governors, Complaints 

Governor for Year 6

6 out of 6


Mr Craig Ashton


Parent Representative

(Until October 2021)

Grants Projects and Health and Safety

Governor for Year 4

5 out of 5

Mrs Emma Gibbons


Teaching Staff Representative 


4 out of 4


Mr Nigel Atkins


Community Representative 

(Until October 2019)

Attendance, Safeguarding, Child Protection, CLA

Governor for Year 5

5 out of 8


Mrs Carolyn Weir


Parent Representative

(Until November 2020)


Governor for Reception Class

4 out of 5


Mrs Carmel Davison-Culmer


Parent Representative

(Until October 2021)

Governor for Year 3 3 out of 4


Ms Lyndsey Pearson


Clerk to Governors




Mrs Vicky Bray

(Started Feb 2019)