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The documents and websites below offering parental support and advice during this time. This page contains information produced by school and a wide range of organisations such as Leeds City Council, the UK government, the NHS and Horsforth Children's Service. 

The UK Government have compiled a list of recommended websites to help parents support children with their mental health during this time and they can be found here.

In addition, our home learning pages can be accessed by clicking here. 

Online Safety Advice For Parents - Leeds City Council

Horsforth Children's Services

Some tips for supporting children with understanding Covid-19 from the Horsforth cluster are available by clicking here.

Click here for some tips for managing children's behaviour from the Horsforth cluster

The following are posts from Horsforth Children's Services which may be useful. Some are more applicable to older children.

Keeping Children 'Calm'

 There are some strategies suggested in the document below.