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 Please see below for some maths resources which can be accessed at home. Some of these are resources which teachers use with the children in school and some are interactives which are currently available for free to parents as a result of the ongoing situation with Covid-19.

For any maths terms you may be unsure of or would like further explanation, please click here for a parents maths dictionary. 

If you have any issues accessing any of these, please email website@westbrooklane.leeds.sch.uk and we will do our best to help.

Please be mindful of your child accessing resources which are appropriate for their year group. A summary of the year group key objectives can be found via our non-negotiables in the links below. Consolidation of previous year group work is encouraged and we continually revisit things in school - pupils becoming more efficient with key number facts will support them in their future learning.

Reception non-negotiables

Year 1 non-negotiables

Year 2 non-negotiables

Year 3 non-negotiables

Year 4 non-negotiables

Year 5 non-negotiables

Year 6 non-negotiables


You can find some parental support for maths by clicking here.

White Rose Maths

White Rose Maths are providing resources for all year groups including videos and worksheets. These are lessons for each day of the week.


There are also some Easter holiday maths activities available here.


They also have some problems of the day which have been released each day in March. The Red problems are aimed at KS1 and the blue at KS2. They are particularly challenging - some have even challenged the teachers but many of the children in school have enjoyed these. More are being added. 



BBC Bitesize

BBC  Bitesize has a maths section. They will also be sharing daily lessons from Monday 20th April. 

Key Stage One https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/subjects/zjxhfg8

Key Stage Two


Third Space Learning

Parents can register to access some free maths resources here.


Top Marks Maths

Top Marks interactive resources are used regularly in school as interactives on our interactive whiteboard. They provide opportunities for pupils to play maths related games on. Please see the links below.

Many of these can be adjusted to provide a suitable challenge for our child.

Helicopter Rescue – counting on and across barriers to 10/100


 Learning to Count – Blast off


 All - Hit the Button – a range of maths games which can be made easier/more challenging


 Subtraction Grid


 Ordering Numbers/Money/Quantities


Calculation Balance


 Daily 10 – present questions at varying speed on the IWB


 Rocket Rounding – rounding numbers



Hamilton Trust Home Learning

Home learning resources for maths can be accessed here for Years 1 to 6


Mathematics Mastery

There are year group appropriate workbooks for Years 1 to 6 which can be accessed here.



Times Table Rockstars and Numbots

You can access Times Table Rockstars via 


You can access Numbots via


In Reception and KS1, your child's username will be their first initial, followed their surname.

For example, John Smith would be jsmith

In KS2, pupil usernames are the first letter of your child's first name, followed by a full stop and then their surname.

For example, John Smith for a KS2 child would be j.smith

The following passwords are then in place for each class.

Class Password
Reception Rec
Year 1 y1
Year 2 year17
Year 3 year16
Year 4 Year4
Year 5 year14
Year 6 (own passwords)

Please note there are some children in other KS2 classes who have their own password. If this is the case with your child, they will hopefully know this but please email Mr Hooson if you are having any difficulties logging in via


ICT Games

This website has a number of interactives which can be used


Maths With Mum


There's some videos and guidance for a range of maths objectives on this website.

Premier League Primary All Stars

There are some maths resources available via this website.