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 Please see below for some English resources which can be accessed at home. Some of these are resources which teachers use with the children in school and some are interactives which are currently available for free to parents as a result of the ongoing situation with Covid-19.

If you have any issues accessing any of these, please email website@westbrooklane.leeds.sch.uk and we will do our best to help.

Please be mindful of your child accessing resources which are appropriate for their year group. A summary of the year group key objectives can be found via our non-negotiables in the links below. Consolidation of previous year group work is encouraged and we continually revisit things in school.

Reception non-negotiables

Year 1 non-negotiables

Year 2 non-negotiables

Year 3 non-negotiables

Year 4 non-negotiables

Year 5 non-negotiables

Year 6 non-negotiables

You can find some parental support for English by clicking here.

Phonics Play


Phonics play is currently accessible for home learning due to the ongoing situation with Coronavirus.

You can login to this site using

User: march20

Password: home

Please see the video below for any support on how to pronounce each of the forty-four sounds.

Pobble 365

This website has a different image every day. They can be used as a stimulus for writing or as a talking point. Each picture also has some questions, a suggested story opening and some sentences for children to improve.

The images are brilliant and always create some fantastic ideas from the children in school.


BBC Bitesize

BBC  Bitesize has an English section. They will also be sharing daily lessons from Monday 20th April. 

Key Stage One 


Key Stage Two


DK Find Out


This is an excellent resource for researching information.

Primary Homework Help

This website has lots of child friendly information on a range of history topics.


Children could use this information to develop an information page or a booklet on a historical period they are covering in their class.

Oxford Owl Reading

A number of e-books are available for children to access. 


School Library Service and Leeds Libraries

The following link provides some reading resources recommended by the School Library Service


 You can also access some of the books from Leeds Library electronically via this link


National Literacy Trust

The National Literacy Trust have educational apps, videos, audiobooks and worksheets in the 'family zone' which are designed to give you home schooling ideas. 


English Mastery

There are year group appropriate workbooks for Years 1 to 6 which can be accessed here.



SPAG.com - Year 6

Year 6 pupils can continue to access their accounts at www.spag.com

They should know their username and password but please contact us if there are any issues.

Spelling Play - Year 2

Year 2 children are working through the units on this website.


Unfortunately, Year 2 is the only year group covered on this website but children in KS2 could revisit these for consolidation. 

Oxford Owl Spelling

There's some useful information regarding year group spelling rules and spelling lists for each year group available via this link.


Literacy Shed


Lots of visual ideas and suggestions for follow up writing tasks. This website is useful for all age year groups. 

Hamilton Trust Home Learning

Home learning resources for English can be accessed here for Years 1 to 6


Collins English

There are some free resources available from Collins English here.